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What Makes A Good Video Game Ruler?

Master the art of diplomacy, resource-collecting, and trade in Ubisoft’s most comprehensive economic management game yet. Shape the world of tomorrow by constructing buildings that transcend modern architectural feats and experience the evolving nature of a changing world. Explore the vast depths of the ocean, or focus your energies on land. Mysteries are lurking all around the sunken Earth, from the deep dark abyss, to the bustling metropolis surrounded by glass walls. It was Anno 2205’s predecessor, but it’s still better in comparison. The game was praised for the amount of things you could do but since it’s a Ubisoft game, much of its criticisms were pointed at its terrible Uplay system. It has a PlayScore of 7.15 6. Caesar IV Let’s head back for a few decades. Before there were any of these games on our list, there was Tilted Mill Entertainment’s Roman city-building game.

Technology wasn’t very smooth during this point but it was created on an engine that renders three dimensional animations individually. It’s one of the stepping stones to the future of city simulations. Embrace the accurately depicted beauty of the classic Roman architectures because it’s a product of Sierra Game’s dedication for research. Experience life in Ancient Rome and expand your economic control with over 30 tradeable goods, 10 industries, 4 markets and foreign trade routes. The game has over 100 hours of gameplay. Secure your civilization by controlling your Legions, or focus on your city-planning and infrastructure woes. You can’t beat the classics, and this game has a PlayScore of 7.44 5. Tropico 5 Before El Presidente’s scheduled return was announced last E3, Tropico 5 was the latest title in the well-loved city building series. Known for its warm, friendly, and fun gameplay, the series offered a welcome change to the optimization-crazed builders of its time.

But in this fifth installment, the beloved dictator is bringing the tropical heat to an all time high, taking management up a notch, and adding a healthy dose of challenge. Unlike their previous titles, 5 takes on a more Civilization route as you begin your dictatorial journey at the dawn of the 20th century. With this, it not only improves on gameplay, but also on their signature tongue-in-cheek politics. Move from era to era; supplying weapons for the World Wars, assassinating rivals, alienating whole groups of people, and other fun and lighthearted totalitarian activities. With their era-exclusive buildings, and risky decision-making, you’ll actually have to BECOME a dictator to survive the tides of time. While it’s a lot different than their usual fare, it’s still fun, interesting, and hysterically political, it has a PlayScore of 7.59. 4. Banished A city-builder with a strong blend of survival, Banished brings the best of both worlds. An indie game by Shining Rock Software, it rose up to the top of the charts when it released last 2014, and it still currently maintains its thriving community of fans. Like what the title suggests, Banished puts you in charge of a remote community of outcasts, operating at an individual level instead of state affairs.