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ICONIC Esports Moments: Armada and Mango’s Incredible Genesis Rivalry!

Genesis was the birth of Armada and Mango’s rivalry and destiny has intervened to make sure that they always face off in the tournament’s grand finals. Because what we’re about as a community is the game and these guys play at the pinnacle of the game. It ain’t never over til it’s over! You already know what it is! Grand finals the rematch at Crystall Ball!

Bring it back Mango! Bring it back Mango! Haha let’s go! Let’s go Mango! Haha What does Mango have to say about what time we’re going home? What is the lifespan of Genesis 4?

Alongside Evo, Genesis has become one of the smash community’s most important tournaments and through both incredible skill and unbelievable luck it’s always been Armada and Mango’s battleground. In 2009, Joseph “Mango” Marquez was on top of the melee World. I was believe it was Pound 3 when Mango decided that — I’m going to lose in winner’s bracket. You give me every single big name the losers bracket it’s not a question.

I got it. It’s easy. Mango had wins over the best melee players in the world and had effectively clinched the title of number one with his win at ROM. I thought he was coming in with that forward air!

But, there was a challenger from overseas Adam “Armada” Lindgren. Word’s can’t describe the feelings that’s in this room!

He started at small local Swedish tournaments and conquered those before moving on to bigger international events across Europe. He was winning them all but Europe’s melee scene was small compared to America’s and few players had ever crossed the pond to test their skills against the other region’s best. You know Armada is probably one of the best things that has ever happened for this game. Armada’s family helped him put together the money he needed to go to America for Genesis. The largest melee tournament ever.

Genesis 1 was the first time when America’s best and Europe’s best were finally playing against each other for the first time and it was so much bigger. Like, the biggest tournament I had been to in Europe was way smaller everyone was like so hyped – it was a different environment for sure. Mango and Armada tore through tough opponents on each side of the bracket facing each other in the winners finals. Mango: I went Puff and I hadn’t played her in a while and like he just like I think like three stocked me.

He like destroyed me. The Swedish phenom won securing a spot in the grand finals. You’re too fucking good Armada!

Armada. Mango bounced back, beating Hungrybox to earn a redemption match against Armada and this time the hometown hero took it all. Cheering Alright Genesis one it was, it was a perfect storyline to be honest. It was the American hero against like the underdog from like far away from the US. So, it was a really interesting storyline it got more…I guess personal for some people like people like to root for their own country and stuff. So it was a really good storyline.

Genesis 2 Mango is kind of coming back to melee again… Going into Genesis 2, Mango had mostly stopped taking melee seriously for the better part of a year. Genesis 2 Mango is kind of coming back to melee again. He had a period of time when he played Mario, Captain Falcon, was not really taking the game too seriously. Genesis 2 was to be Mango’s big return to form but Armada had other plans.

Both of these guys are hungry Mango’s tryna make his return! Armada’s tryna redeem himself as that dude. Let’s see who’s…. There we go. Mango fought valiantly. Game 5 went down to the very last stock but Armada came through.

In that moment, he stood triumphant as the best Super Smash Bros. Melee player in the world. I still hadn’t managed to win a super major in the US. I got second multiple times so I think a lot of people were very happy about the rematch because we hadn’t played a single tournament match against each other in those two years. Yeah, in singles. And then for Genesis 3, which happened like another like five years after or something four and a half years after.

Now, it was the storyline of the tiebreaker. Four years passed between Genesis 2 and 3. And if Melee went dormant between the first two tournaments, the scene exploded in 2013. Tournament attendance was skyrocketing, more incredible players were cropping up and the matches were only getting better. Oooooh! That’s it!

Wobbles is in grand finals! Genesis 3 was announced in August of 2015. Fans were excited about the return of a legendary tournament series, but fans couldn’t have imagined that it would also be the return of the legendary rivalry. Armada shot through his side of the winners’ bracket making it to the grand finals without a single close set. Mango on the other hand looked good until he came up against Axe.

Oh the forward smash doesn’t quite connect. Oh he over committed! He over committed! Oh is he going to survive? He is. That’s it!

Axe get’s it! But, in the losers’ bracket Mango is a scary opponent. He tore through that bracket beating Plup, Nintendude, PPMD, Axe and Hungrybox to earn another shot at Armada. Are they going to it? Fox dittos!

Fox ditto, oh no warm ups either! We’re going right into it! Mango came in hot, warmed up after his incredible losers’ run.

He quickly took the first two games of the set in back-to-back high-speed Fox dittos. Oh Oh! Back-to-back, back-to-back.

Armada switched to his signature Peach in the third game of the first set. And took it with a spectacular stitch-faced turnip combo that nearly killed Mango’s momentum on the spot. Oh yeah you’re right. Man oh! It look like Genesis 1 all over again.

Haha! Let’s take it back. But Armada choked in the final game of the set. Sending himself flying off stage with no way back. Oh no!

Oh wow! Hahahaha Yo, the heavens just want Mango to win. Just like in Genesis 1 all those years ago, Mango reset the bracket. But Armada wasn’t the same fresh-faced player Mango beat in 2009.

He was a seasoned pro and was ready to bring it back. Armada dismantled Mango in Game 1. And in Game 2 it was Mango’s turn to Choke. Ohhhhhh! Man. Look at the disappointed fans in the crowd.

I know right almost everyone. Haha. Look at these fans yo. Mango redeemed himself in Game 3 closing it out a full stock ahead of Armada. Oh! Got em.

Nice. Crowd poppin’ off. The crowd was on Mango’s side like always But Armada took it to final destination and even though Mango brought it down to the last stock, destiny could not defeat raw skill. Nice! Oh! Oh gotta be on Mango’s side.

Yeah. Ohhhh…and? Reality?! Is the dream dead!?

Yeah…the dream’s dead. Armada pumps his fists. Mango puts his head down. Hungrybox is the only person to congratulate him. It’s rare you see Mango look defeated. That was great man.

That was…wonderful. But Destiny wasn’t done intervening in these two legendary players’ lives just yet. Genesis 4 came just one year after Genesis 3. Armada was in the midst of mounting a comeback following a shaky first half of 2016. Armada’s out!

The SSBM ranked number 1 player is out! At number…at fifth! Mango, not to be outdone, was on a comeback of his own. Mango would do it! He would! Oh there it is!

Mango and Armada ripped through their brackets, meeting in the winners’ semi-finals. Mango took the first game but Armada wasn’t shaken by the crowd’s chanting. He dismantled his opponent 3-1, silencing the crowd. Oh no! Ugh!

Yup, that’s it. That’ll do it. Mango fought back through losers. Beating Leffen 3-2, Hungrybox 3-1 and Mew2King 3-1. It seemed impossible, but once again, destiny brought these two gods together for one more brawl. Game 1 let’s go!

Mango coming from losers, Dreamland. It’s lit! Unfortunately for Mango, fate was once again, not enough.

Oh my god is Armada actually mashing out of the drill reset? That’s kind of crazy. Down air, down air! That’s going to do it!

Clean Game 1. He’s just not letting Mango hit him with the moves that he wants. No. That might be it.

Yeah… This might be Game 2. Yeah. Peach’s back air goes, yeah, extends a little bit below the stage and that n-air is so powerful. Down smash gets two hits.

N-air! Ladies and gentlemen that was the quickest grand final I have seen! Shout outs to Armada. Making it look easy!

Super duper congratulations to Alliance Armada. What a monster! What a scary, horrifying, monster of a man… For Genesis 4 I was like, ‘No.’ It can’t happen four times in a row. That was uhh… I don’t know.

It was some craziness to happen. There’s something special about Genesis grand finals. It’s impossible to say if these two will clash again at Genesis 5. In fact, it seems unlikely we’ll see another Mango/Armada grand finals. But it seemed unlikely before and destiny has always found a way.