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Great Starcraft-like Strategies

That’s it, nothing fancy, but game itself looks pretty cool, really colorful and it has a lot of positive reviews. Does it feel like Starcraft? Yeah… in away, because it feels more like Command & Conquer which in a way feels like Starcraft. That’s because Petroglyph studio is full of former Command & Conquer game makers. So, it’s up to you. They are Billions Ok, maybe this game is not exactly like Starcraft, but it has amazing gameplay most fans of Starcraft would love. Because it is basically the same as Starcraft maps where you must survive waves of enemies. You played them in campaign, in arcade mode, alone and with friends. And this game is basically the same. You build your city, you defend against zombies, and you try to survive as long as you can. Graphics are really beautiful, and game is very entertaining. Casinoslots Ireland –  This is the most original looking game so far.

A lot of different blobs and shapes fighting each other. Control wise it resembles Blizzard model really closely, because commands are executed using right clicks and unit special abilities and upgrades are available through a command bar in the lower right. It lacks fog of war, instead your units and buildings has light sources to see landscape and enemy units around them. Game features 4 factions fighting over a resource called “the green ice”. Game doesn’t seem very deep and it’s quite slow, so it can be infuriating for a real starcraft fan. So, chill out and relax. It can still entertain you. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak A ground based RTS prequel to the classic Homeworld games. Deserts of Kharak has great graphics, great special effects and great gameplay in general. But do not expect miracles. Campaign is only 13 missions, and it’s quite easy – you can beat it in a day. However, good story, fantastic desert setting and beautiful music makes this game one of the most interesting choices for you. Don’t buy this game if you’re interested in multiplayer.

Nobody plays it, it’s quite dead. Like your hopes. And dreams. Iron Harvest Oh boy, that is a treat. Though it’s not released yet, just by looking at it you can be assured that it has really impressive robots and units in general. This alternate version of our world – universe of dieselpunk – is created by talented Polish artist Jakub Różalski, who has already made board game named Scythe based on this universe of his. In Iron Harvest you gonna play for one of three factions, there will be three campaigns and one story that binds them all. Though creators said that overall campaign mechanics will be similar to Warcraft and Starcraft, where you could start with any faction you want. Estimated release date is between 2018 and 2019 Starcraft Remastered Original Starcraft Brood War got new looks in 2017 and started a new craze for oldschool gamers all across the world. It’s quite cheap, usually it costs 15 euros, but with a sale you can grab it for 10. If Blizzard’s exchange rate between dollar and euro is still 1 on 1, it’s the same amount of dollars. So if you’re looking for game like Starcraft 2 and still do not own Starcraft Remastered – your search is over. Here you gonna find 6 campaigns, amazing multiplayer with matchmaking system and much more.