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A SimCity In Space!

Opening our list of Whatoplay’s City Building games on the PC is Cities XL Yes, it wasn’t a very good game to begin with. But amidst the massive backlash, it’s still a City Building game worthy to sink some of your time in. Instead of the usual little metropolis you create with Cities Skylines, Cities XL grants you an extra large world for you to play god in mayoral position. Link up cities, expand, and shape a world like never before. The game contains over 1,000 buildings, 50 brand new structures, 60 gigantic maps and a gorgeous detailed world to tweak. As the mayor, solve the city’s various concerns such as economics, transportation, finances and so much more. Take note that once the city grows, it’s needs requires more maintenance and the problems go bigger everyday.

But that’s not a problem, with your thriving community, all is well. Except MAYBE for the game’s numerous game breaking bugs and unresponsive UI’s. Just give it a try. It has a PlayScore of 6.44 9. ANNO 2205 Take civilization to the next frontier. Expanding its reach like never before, 2205 is a futuristic entry from the notable Anno franchise, go into the 23rd Century and develop your very own civilisation. Nourish them through different biomes and manage each the city’s problems in rich topological climates. You can even rebuild an entire colony to the Moon! Similar to most Anno games, conquer the Earth and beyond with the gift of industrialization and economics. With its futuristic setting, experience scientific breakthroughs that make everyday living easier.

From the Earth to the Moon, bask in its hours and hours of content with wonderful visuals and complex strategic depth. However, due to its performance issues and a weak single player campaign, it was bogged down from becoming a perfect city-building game compared to its predecessor 2070. It receives a PlayScore of 6.57 8. Aven Colony Aven Colony manages to create a unique ecosystem of science fiction wonder unlike the Earth and Moon areas compared to most of the games on this list. The extra terrestrial flora and fauna makes up for a very interesting synergy between city-building and the survival of the human race.

Think of it as SimCity in space. In this alien-planet light years away from Earth, players must nourish the human race and help them adapt to the many problems this planet can offer. Protect your species by adapting to the environment, conserving oxygen, and multi-task using various resource-producing buildings. But despite its many praises, the game was criticized for its heavy chore-work. For a game about casual city-building, it seems like a busywork when it comes to its various multi-tasking tendencies. It wasn’t for everyone, but it’s still a fun game to try. It receives a PlayScore of 6.62 7. Anno 2070 Ubisoft’s pioneering city-building game takes the effects of Global Warming into a creative way. Although climate change is still bad, step into Earth, a once beautiful planet filled with green fields and sun-soaked beaches, but with the rising water levels causes some land uninhabitable.